Flawless Neck Crème


Formulated with powerful ingredients like retinol and peptides, this hydrating neck and décolletage crème fights signs of aging by tightening sagging and lax skin, plumping fine lines, and wrinkles while correcting uneven tone and texture.

Rich in retinol and peptides our Flawless Neck Creme can help boost skin elasticity and retain moisture to develop firmness to the skin on your neck.

The Retinol that is included contains a form of vitamin A, which can help develop the natural collagen and elastin production within your skin.

Retinol can also help reduce wrinkles and fine lines while giving a skin firming and tightening effect - ultimately developing a radiant skin appearance

Our unique combination of retinol and peptides can be used daily to nourish crepey and loose skin, to help bring out your most radiant skin appearance.

Clinical Grade Skin Care - Your skin's health is our top priority and we strive to develop products that give you the opportunity to look as refreshed, young, and healthy as absolutely possible.

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